We're so excited that you made a decision to give your life to Jesus! Perhaps you're wondering where to go from here. We want to help you learn the foundations of being a Christian so you can live in never-ending victory. 

I just got saved, 
so what's next?


What's Next?

A free online course to quickly answer your biggest questions about being a Christian. 

Righteousness: I'm a New Person? What Happened to My Past?

Daily Bible Study: The Bible is a Big Book. Where Do I Start?

Talking to God: How Do I Get Started with Prayer?

What You'll Find Inside:

We Need Family: Do I Really Need to Go to Church?

Water Baptism: Do I Have to be Baptized to be a Christian?

The Holy Spirit: The Power of God That Equips You For Life

Healing: Sickness is Evil. God Wants You to be Healthy.

Financial Blessing: Prosperity Isn't a Dirty Word. It's God's Plan.

Confession: There's Power in the Words You Speak

Your Purpose: You're a Vital Part of the Family

Don't Stop Here. God Has a Plan for You!

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