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Miracle Word Plus is an all-access pass to an all-in-one community of like-minded believers. We've never done anything on this scale before. It's everything you need under one digital roof. 

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Doors Open August 15th, 2024

Finally. The Christian community you've been waiting for.

An online community of like-minded believers that will help build your faith.
You'll develop your purpose with access to all of our premium courses, new weekly Bible Study Made Simple content, interactive discussions, live Q&As with Pastors Ted, Carolyn, and other leaders, exclusive live teaching, roundtables,
and more! 

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God-given purpose.


Miracle Word Plus members gain full access to our library of premium Bible courses—even the ones coming in the future!

  your God-given purpose.

"Wonderful Bible Study for anyone who wants to understand more Biblical Principles! "

Deona said:

"Powerful teaching! Thank you, Pastor Ted. I love these courses so much!"

Janean said:

"Pneumatology was a game-changer for me!"

Kayla said:


We are currently in a brand-new series for Bible Study Made Simple on Understanding the Gifts of the Spirit! The Holy Spirit gave us nine gifts that allow us to manifest God's power as believers. 

In this course, we define the nine gifts, reveal how they function, show examples of each gift in Scripture, show you how to operate in them, and debunk major myths. 

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Bible Study Made Simple


Everything you didn't even know you needed.

Access to the full library of premium Bible courses.

Exclusive live teaching events.

Invasive shofar blowers.

Participate in interactive roundtable discussions.

New weekly Bible Study Made Simple content.

Live Q&A sessions with Pastors Ted and Carolyn
and other leaders.

Foot-washing services.

Unshakable women's ministry with Pastor Carolyn.

Access to premium content for students through Last Gen Youth with Pastor Alex.

Connect and engage with like-minded believers
from around the world.

Weird personal prophecies in the parking lot.

Access to premium content for students through Last 
Gen Youth with Pastor Alex.

Available on desktop or an easy-to-use mobile app.

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"This is well worth your time and money. For the price of two Starbucks drinks, you get access to this full community and course library. Bible Study Made Simple has given me such practical ways to dig in and break the Word down. It has essentially taken my blinders off. I can see things I never saw in God's Word before because I've learned how to study effectively." - Hannah

What members are saying...

"You are so good at teaching these things— explaining and breaking them down in a simple, clear, and logical way with great examples. Thank you!" - Harriet

What members are saying...

"This is excellent. I'm so amazed at the effort you take to do these deep dives." - Patricia

What members are saying...

"I have already watched this one video 3 times...this explanation goes to a whole new level! Thanks Bro. Ted! I will be delving into this one more deeply for some time to come!! Mind completely blown!!"
- Mary Sue

What members are saying...

Bible Study Made Simple is so good! It's so easy! I'm so thankful you're doing this. I've learned so much already." - Amanda

What members are saying...

Got Questions?

Will you still be doing Bible Study Made Simple?

Yes, each month inside this Miracle Word Plus community, we will be making new weekly Bible Study Made Simple content available for you. In addition to brand new content that will be made available, you can also find all previous Bible Study Made Simple videos inside the new community course library. For the same monthly price you will now get access to so much more! 

Can I still watch my courses in Miracle Word University?

Yes, you can. However all Miracle Word University premium Bible courses are now fully available for you inside the Miracle Word Plus library. 

Can I sign up for this anytime?

All members can cancel their subscription at any time. However enrollment for Miracle Word Plus will only be happening once every quarter. If you cancel, you will not be able to access the community until the next time we open the doors.

Will new courses be added to Miracle Word Plus?

This community will be an ever-growing library of content and will include access to all Premium Bible Courses, including those to come in the future. This is in addition to new Bible Study Made Simple content added for you each month, exclusive live events, and more. All our courses are available to do on your own at any time.

Will I get to own all the courses?

You will have full access to the course library as long as you are a paid subscriber. If you cancel your membership, you will not be able to view or access any content inside Miracle Word Plus. 

Do I have to have internet to watch the course videos?

Miracle Word Plus is hosted using an online platform. You can access this community, including all course videos, by internet connection on a computer, tablet, or smartphone. You can also choose to use your cellular data on a mobile device using the community app.