How standing in line can make you successful

How Standing In Line Can Make You Successful

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Recently, I was stuck in a massive line at the airport. Everyone hates lines, but they’re inevitable . . . so why not use them?


Many times we view waiting in lines as a waste of our time. I want to ask you a question; who’s really wasting your time?


I see so many people browsing social media, staring into space, or people watching when standing in line. Why not use the time to develop yourself?


Always keep an eBook, or an archived article you wanted to read (using the Instapaper app), a message from your favorite minister (think Miracle Word Radio. It’s free 24/7 ;), or maybe an educational/spiritual YouTube video on your phone to be accessed when you’re forced to wait.


Otherwise, you’re wasting your own time.


Did you know the average American spends a 40-hour workweek in the car driving to and from work each year? What a resource! Grab some audiobooks!


Stop wasting time. Develop yourself!

(I wrote this while in line.)

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  1. Busayomi Babalola says:

    I would keep this in mind from now, and get busy downloading audio apps and doing the needful

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