The Michael Jordan effect by Ted Shuttlesworth Jr

The Michael Jordan Effect

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Joy is one of the most important elements you can develop as a leader. Paul explained that joy makes up 33% of God’s kingdom! (See Romans 14:17). Without joy, you’ll find yourself drained of strength (Nehemiah 8:10). It’s truly the fuel for victory.


Interestingly, a study published in the British Medical Journal, which followed almost 5,000 people over twenty years, found that happiness can spread through three degrees of separation within social networks. That means that the happiness of your friend, your friend’s friend, and even your friend’s friend’s friend can infect you with a good mood. It’s contagious.


As you read through the Word of God, it’s amazing to see the force of joy advance through the gospel, as well. Throughout the New Testament, contagious joy spread through those ancient cities and took hold of people at a staggering rate. For example, when Philip preached the gospel and demonstrated God’s power in Samaria, there was great joy in the city (See Acts 8:8).


Paul explained that the gospel is the power of God unto salvation—that’s why it has a contagious effect. (See Romans 1:16.)

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Now let’s experiment for a moment. I’m going to give you a few names and you see if you know what these people have accomplished. (No Google.)


Steve Kerr. Luc Longley. Will Perdue. Craig Hodges. Any of these men ringing any bells? Do you know what they all have in common? They all played for the Chicago Bulls and won NBA championships alongside Michael Jordan.


You may not know their names. In 1990-96 people barely knew their names. However, something happened to all of these men. They were sucked into what I’ll call the “Michael Jordan Effect.”


People who have never watched one basketball game in their life know who Michael Jordan is. His leadership skills caused regular men to rise above their opponents and conquer again and again. (Six times to be precise.)


His contagious abilities grabbed his teammates at whatever low level they were operating, and pulled them up to where he was performing.


When you begin walking in the contagious power of spiritual joy, you can have the same effect on people that Michael Jordan did. It empowers you to lift others up to a level of victory required to overcome the obstacles of life. Part of your


The power of the gospel in your life will cause contagious joy to follow you wherever you go. People will feel it. The women who were first given the gospel message ran from the tomb full of reverent awe and overwhelming joy. Allow the good news about Jesus to become your passion and drive your life. Then, you’ll become contagious and spread joy wherever you go.

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