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Go Further Faster – Impartation for Beginners

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I ran across the patio of the lanai, leaped into the air, and landed a perfect cannonball in the shallow end of our pool, effectively soaking my kids before they could ease their way into the water. After Madelyn and Brooklyn finished their whiny protests of my dad-like harassment, they jumped into the pool with me.


We had just moved from Virginia Beach, Virginia, where Carolyn and I had lived for thirteen years, to Parkland, Florida. Madelyn, my oldest daughter, is extremely competitive (not sure where she gets that), and Brooklyn has a healthy dose of middle-child syndrome. So, any time we start playing, it becomes more of a contest than anything. Who’s going to win? Who will get the most of daddy’s attention? Who gets to lay on the massive unicorn raft? (The answer to the last one is me.)


That day, the competition was a swimming race. Maddy had a clear advantage here because she’s three years older, and at the time of this story, a much better swimmer. Also, with her extremely competitive nature, there’s no way she’d take the high road and let her younger sister win a race or two. As a result, after a couple of races and continued frustration, Brooklyn was in tears and claiming that somehow Maddy had cheated in the race.


“Let’s do one more race,” I said and winked at Brooklyn when Maddy wasn’t looking. Suddenly, her red eyes and little pout were transformed into a mischievous grin as she realized what daddy’s wink meant. I stood behind Brooklyn as they lined up for the final race. I began the countdown, and the girls took their ready positions. “Three, two, one, go!” I shouted.


Maddy pushed off of the wall at the shallow end and began swimming furiously toward the other side. Now that she wasn’t looking, I held Brooklyn tightly and pushed her forward with all the strength I had. I launched her past Maddy, who didn’t immediately notice because she was swimming underwater.


Brooklyn’s little legs kicked hard, and she splashed noisily as she battled for the win. When Maddy came up for air and noticed Brooklyn swimming ahead of her, she was baffled. She struggled to catch up, but it was no use. Moments later, Brooklyn grabbed the wall on the other side of the pool and squealed with delight the way only four-year-old girls can do.


Maddy, realizing what had happened, turned around and peered at me through squinted eyes. “Daddy!” She scolded. But it was too late. Brooklyn had won, and I was already lounging on the massive unicorn raft.


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The story of Brooklyn’s swimming victory is a picture of what impartation looks like and how it functions. The word impartation simply means to bestow a quality or attribute to someone or something that was not previously there.


In this case, Brooklyn didn’t have the strength or skill to defeat her older sister in a swimming race. However, when I imparted strength to her by launching her forward, she was able to win a victory that was previously unwinnable. She was able to go further . . . faster.


Her mischievous grin was a sign that she understood that her daddy was going to use his strength to help her. Furthermore, it was a sign that she wanted my help to win the race. Notice that when I held her and was preparing to push her forward, she wasn’t kicking, screaming, and trying to get away from me.


It’s not enough to know that impartation exists, you have to desire the impartation that’s available to you. Impartation doesn’t happen randomly or by accident. It’s always the result of a calculated effort on behalf of those seeking it and those giving it.


Whether it be Moses and Joshua, Elijah and Elisha, Jesus and His disciples, or Paul and Timothy, we see impartation taking place throughout the Bible to propagate the particular vision God delivered to each of His men.



The same is true today. There is already someone who is doing what you’re called to do at a much higher level. It’s your job to locate that person and, by faith and the grace of God, receive a spiritual deposit from them.


In my new book, Further Faster: How to Accelerate Your Purpose Through the Power of Impartation, I give you step-by-step keys from God’s Word that will show you how to receive impartation from those who have gone before you and quickly accomplish what God called you to do.


This is the most crucial revelation the Lord has ever allowed me to release. The enemy doesn’t want you to understand God’s system of increase so that he can keep you from fulfilling the powerful call on your life.


As you read this book, you’ll be fully equipped to receive the anointing that God has set aside for your life. You can stand on the shoulders of those who went before you and gain strength that originated from their faithfulness. Get ready for the best days of your life!

  1. Busayomi Babalola says:

    This is a very beautiful encouragement and prologue for me, being that I have always wanted to get the book, but I’ve not been able to because of my location here in Nigeria. Ted is so gifted to write with so much insight. I hope to have him mentor me and lay hands on me some day

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